Fast Friday

Fast Friday is the last practice day before qualifying and this year, like the previous few, the teams get extra boost so the speeds jumped 4-6 MPH.  As a fan it is very cool to see the guys and gals trim out (term for low downforce which also means the cars is even harder to drive) their cars to see how fast they can lap the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  In qualifying trim they lap the 2.5 mile oval in a tick over 39 seconds which equates to 230+ MPH.  Now as a photographer trying to capture a car traveling that fast is a touch difficult because of the rate at which they come at you.  My shooting style doesn’t help because I love to use slower shutter speeds to show movement and speed in my photographs which is not always a good thing.  Here are the images that I captured from Fast Friday and look for my qualifying gallery to be up soon.


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