Day 9: Friday night triple shot because well, I feel like breaking the rules and it is the eve of the 24 Hours of Daytona. These images are from the IMSA Sportscar Championship race on the Brickyard Super weekend from July 2014. This was my first time attending an IMSA race and it was a very cool event. Starting with how loud the cars are, I’m serious when I say you need earplugs, and running into the late evening made this a special time. With sportscar racing they actually have working lights (headlights and brake lights) so as the sunset they turned on their lights and the lights add that little something extra to the race that sets it apart from the other races series.

This race proved to me again why I love roadcourse races for nothing else other than the access to the cars as an everyday fan without credentials is amazing. The three photographs below were taken from general admission tickets and all you have to do is walk the course to see the track and cars in an ever changing way. So if you enjoy racing go to a race and grab your camera and shoot the event. You never know what you may capture. Good luck!

Canon 7D (70-200) 200mm 1/160 sec @ f7.1, ISO 100


Canon 7D (70-200) 120mm 1/400 sec @ f5.6, ISO 200


Canon 7D (70-200) 135mm 1/50 sec @ f7.1, ISO 100


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