Day 8: 10DRPC

Day 8 for my racetrack photo challenge from John Wiedemann of and

Track: IMS road course configuration for IndyGP 2014.

Before I met John on that rainy Friday in early May I was practicing my panning technique as the cars entered turn 3 and as the exited the slow right hand turn 4 and headed to the quick left right chicane. The first dozen shots I took as the entered turn 3 were dull and didn’t have the dramatic effect I was looking for in the gray overcast day. Being my first race of the year I was very rusty and need to calm myself and relax so I stopped for about five minutes and looked for something interesting to capture. After a few minutes I could visualize the shot I wanted so I walked up behind the Armco barrier and took a few quick shots but with all the wrong settings so I completely botched those images on how I imagined photograph would look. The other issue was that sitting on the oval short chute between turns 3 and 4 were two pickup trucks with trailers for moving people and they were mucking up the image. I knew what settings to use but when you haven’t practiced panning in over 8 months I like to start with easy panning shots to build up my confidence and that helps me capture a high percentage of usable images. After moving around to photograph the cars at different angles and from different corners I was settling into the grove of successfully panning. I continued to think about the shot I had visualized earlier on how I would get the image I wanted by the next IndyCar session which was in 4 hours. Fifteen minutes before the IndyCar session started the ProMazda (feeder series for IndyCar) cars were on track and I took a few practice shots and I knew this image would be more than I had thought it would be. This was the third frame I took of that session and the first of two. As you have probably figured out by now I love to show motion in my images whenever I can. With this picture of Ryan Hunter-Reay I captured all the items I wanted starting with a sharp racecar, blurred grass and the kicker for me is the blurred IMS Wing and Wheel logo in the grandstands so you know instantly where the image was taken.

Photo Nerd info: Canon 7D, 70-200mm @ 125mm, f22, ISO 100, 1/15 sec. To edit this image, I adjusted basic properties such as clarity, vibrance, exposure, contrast, blacks, and whites but no additional blur or techniques were use. Get it right in the camera and it saves you hours editing.

Canon 7D (70-200) 125mm 1/15 sec @ f22, ISO 100


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