Day 6: 10DRPC

Day 6: I love black and white photographs of people but one area you don’t see very many B/W images is in sports. On day one of this challenge I posted a B/W image of Jack Hawksworth which I really like but today is my absolute favorite B/W racing photograph that I have taken. It was taken at IMS last June at the SVRA vintage sportscar event.

Over my years going to IMS I have had some pretty memorable times. Including the IndyGP qualifying in the rain that I spoke about on day one, to almost having Mario run me over on a scooter, to taking Zach to the 500, to going to a practice day in May with my Grandpa, dad, brother, and cousin, but this day belongs at the top. At the start of the day I thought I knew what to expect and for the most part everything was normal until the late afternoon. I was on the Pagoda taken shots of the prewar cars on track when I noticed that other photographers were taken photos from between the frontstretch inside wall and the outside pit wall. Normally that is no-man’s land so I stop snapping pics and I get down there as the 1950’s and 60’s Indy 500 cars are rolling out from Gasoline Alley to pit road. I ask the head SVRA security person if it was ok for me to shoot for the pit and she nodded yes and I couldn’t believe it but wasn’t going to argue! What made this so special wasn’t that I got to shoot from this unique vantage point but to see the cars up-close that broke lap records and would bring in over 150,000 people to watch qualifying. I mean qualifying…that is one car at a time turning 4 laps or 10 miles then the next car would go out and repeat this like 50 times. I love racing but single car qualifying now a days is pretty boring but the people came out the see the speed, danger, and great drivers put it all on the line. It’s one thing to look at any of these old cars in a museum but they were designed to race and to see the cars barreling down the frontstretch and to see the driver from mid-thigh up made me truly appreciate the danger and guts that the drivers had. So if you have any interest in older racecars from prewar through the 1980s open wheel, can-am, stock cars, or formula 1 you should go check out the SVRA vintage weekend at IMS this year. Oh you can also walk up and look, take pictures, talk to the driver, and owners because the pits are open all weekend. *I am not a paid spokesman. smile emoticon

Oddly enough after getting this amazing access at track level with no fencing, no marshals or other photographers in the way I wasn’t crazy about any of the photos I captured from track level so I chose another image for today. This image was taken as the cars enter turn 3 on the roadcourse which is in the turn 4 area of the oval.

From my favorite moment at IMS to my favorite B/W racing photo.

Canon 7D MKII (70-200) 200mm 1/200 sec @ f9, ISO 200
Canon 7D MKII (70-200) 200mm 1/200 sec @ f9, ISO 200


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