Day 2: 10DRPC

The Fans. Racing is entertainment and no matter how great your product is on the track or how friendly your drivers are or how spectacular the venue is, without fans there is nothing.

Today’s image is of two young fans in front of the Pagoda at IMS and I happen to believe they are the cutest two race fans I have ever seen!  🙂  This image was taken in May of 2014 and after 6pm on a weekday with cars on track. To the outsider that means nothing but to Indy 500 fans that is an unheard of event at IMS. The track decided to stay open later one evening so I took the boys over to watch for a few minutes before they closed for the day and/or the rain came. Well the rain came and stopped the practice early that day and if you look close enough you can see the alligator tears still in Wesley’s eyes as they announced the track was closing because of the rain. Hooked. From the very first sight of seeing a car pass in front of his eyes at 220+ mph and devastated it only lasted for 15 minutes.

I know the rules say to only post one image per day but one isn’t always enough. The second image is of Zach pouring ice cold milk on his head during his birthday party. He is wearing a mini winners’ wreath, a Will Power shirt, and a Firestone Racing hat to complete his outfit and he learned this from watch the 500 winners like Tony Kanaan and Ryan Hunter-Reay do this in victory circle. It is now a birthday tradition.




One thought on “Day 2: 10DRPC

  1. Grandma Frieda wants this two photos of the boys I’ll buy them.. love this. I have forgotten about them.


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