Time to Ride

My boys love to ride anything with wheels (such as bicycles, scooters, and big wheels) and the faster it goes the bigger the smile.  When they set out to break a new track record I do my best to capture those precious moments and also practice my photography skills.  It is great fun and exercise for them and after each pass they want to review (aka chimping) every image but I make them wait a few minutes before we do.  Why do I  do this?  The reason is threefold, the first is to teach them to work for something even as something as simple as a photograph.  Second is to be patience for the results and just because you have an tool to instantly check the results doesn’t mean you need to use that feature.  Thirdly, is to develop a rhythm (them riding, me panning and pressing the shutter release) which helps create consistent photographs, especially with panning at slow shutter speeds as low as 1/10th of  second.  As they turn the corner around me I tell both of them to get closer and go faster to enhance the blur in the image and yes gets kind of dangerous but thankfully no incidents…yet!  Enjoy.


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