A few years ago I posted pictures of the book I created and had printed from my trip to Scotland but I never posted any of those images from the trip. Well, that changes today, and it should because it has only been eight plus years! ¬†ūüôā ¬†In fact it will be nine years ago this upcoming October that I traveled to Scotland and I hope my photographs show you how gorgeous of a country it is. ¬†We were in Scotland for two weeks and it was a fantastic opportunity¬†to be able to travel the entire country and stay in bed and breakfast’s as we went. ¬†The trip started in Edinburgh for a few days then a quick stop at Stirling Castle then off to the first B&B in Fintry for the third night. ¬†After Fintry we stayed in a different B&B every night for the rest of the vacation in towns and places¬†such as Tarbet of Argyll, Glencoe, over to Skye, Thurso, around to St. Andrews and back to Edinburgh. ¬†As I thought about the photos I wanted to share with you I decided I would break the trip up into multiple posts with multiple galleries so that you hopefully get a better sense and feel of the beautiful countryside. ¬†The first gallery is from the first several days of the trip. ¬†I hope you have enjoyed this post about something other than racing because I know I have and I want to share my love for landscapes, nature, and travel photography with you. ¬†Keep checking back for more galleries from my trip to Scotland.


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