Before & After 3.15.16

AMC_05Mar2016_0069_afterIn this second installment of the B&A my Dad requested I do a few images from my R/C Fun Time post, so here you go Dad.

1.  For this photo I didn’t push it to make drastic changes except for going to B/W.  The reason I did go to B/W was because I thought that the dirt, rocks, and gravel coming off the front tire jumped out in this final image over the color image.

In a new addition to this post here is the my basic panel out of LR. I work out of this panel the majority of the time in LR and then go to the other panels to see if by tweaking other areas if it helps or hurts the image.

2.  This capture was fun in the heavy overcast day and I pushed it pretty far even for a B/W image.  I did that to hide the neighbors house and their cars to make the photo less distracting.  I probably could pull back on the sky but I like the ominous look it brings to the image and the darker skies also help the truck be more predominate in the photo.


3.  Once again I am trying to do a similar approach with this photo just like the previous image but only in color.   Creating a dark sky for drama and darkening the right upper corner to hide the neighbors house again for a cleaner image. Sliding the Blacks slider to a negative value creates more black areas in the scene but also makes the all the colors pop so I use this slide more than I should.


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